Shri C. Rajan Babu involved, associated and conducted number of Medical Camps, Dental Camps in and around the villages of Tirupati and Tiruttani.  He is very much associated with Dhakshinya at Guntur in Andhra Pradesh.


Shri. Rajan Babu was recently founded the Global Tamil Telugu People Foundation (GTPF) to pursue his desire of serving the people at a higher level by bringing people belonging to these communities into one fold for spreading love, peace prosperity and brotherhood among the people.  Shri. Rajan Babu as a maiden venture of this organization has strived himself to bring awareness among the people living in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the danger of contacting the threaded disease AIDS among the people of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu particularly in the border of the states, through various cultural programmes and other medias, which was well received and the awareness spread to more than lakh of people living in the rural areas.

Shri. Rajan Babu also believes that the up-liftment of the down trodden is possible only by undertaking systematic educational programs.  To pursue the above objective, Shri. Rajan Babu has dedicated himself seriously for the promotion of non formal education centre in Villages, slums and to conduct regular meetings with the parents to encourage their children to get formal school education.

Shri. Rajan Babu, through his organization GTPF, has further plans to establish Anti Trafficking Network in association with several NGOs in Chennai with the aim of revealing GOD’s love to every human being in all walks of life.


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