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GTPF – Non-Profit – Product based Microfinance

Institutions are built with the aim of serving the society and the nation. GTPF believes that we can play a greater role towards serving the society. Today in India we face a number of problems in which poverty, illiteracy economic inequalities are rampant. We believe that there are two ways of living. The first way is to cope up with every situation and compromise to survive in this society.  The other way is to take up the responsibility to change for a better living. We want a change, we morally from our heart accept and believe in social equity.

With this belief GTPF has started this product based Microfinance, that provides collateral – Interest free product to women facilitating the Economic, Social empowerment to women and their families. GTPF just do not lend money, but kindle the entrepreneurial spirit with in people who just needed the opportunity to use their skills contribute in a positive manner to the society. GTPF also makes the beneficiaries independent, self reliant and more socially responsible.

A value based, Poverty free prosperous, Productive humane and sustainable help to women and  their families.

To empower women of the poorest  families socially, economically, through efficient product based finance and bring poverty alleviation to them.

Spirit, Team Work, Accountability and resourcefulness with integrity.

Started in 2004 GTPF was formally registered as a TRUST Reg No. 2465\2004 under Indian Trust Act 1882 for public, social and charitable purpose under the Indian Income Tax 1961.

Our work has been mainly in the fields of Art and Culture, education, creating awareness on HIV/AIDS, Fire Accident, product based microfinance, Physically challenged etc.



GTPF – Microfinance programmes play a Vital role in eradicating   poverty and creating economic stability for women in the target areas.

The basic Programmes are:

Product based

1. Product Based

Our plan in GTPF Product based Microfinance is explained below:

Product – X

Value    - Rs.6,000/-

Daily Repayment – Rs.50/-

Monthly Expected Return – Rs.1,500/-

Within FOUR months we will get our money invested on the product is Rs.6,000/-

We will collect one month extra installment of Rs.1,500/- towards maintenance cost of the GTPF Product based Microfinance organization. That is towards service charges.

No interest is charged in this transaction. The repayment procedure successfully completed and the success rate is 100%

The beneficiaries are skilled poor women who can work with the product provided, and earn their livelihood. The products provided by us are, Mosaic Cutting, Tailoring Machine, Carpenter tools, Embroidery Machines, Ice Making Machine, and Three Wheels Cycle for carrying goods etc., GTPF is a grand success to see SMILE ON THE FACES of poor Skilled Women / Men. With this experiment, Basing on this calculation upto now we have given products to 120 beneficiaries. In two states of Andhra Pradash and Tamilnadu. 


2. Savings

Savings help to enhance capital and ensure future protection. GTPF has introduced Voluntarymonthly savings of Rs. 50/-. Savings are held in the group account in a local nationalized bank. The savings are pledged towards loan performance. The group members are allowed to with draw. Their savings  where they wish to leave the group. These saving programmes promotes the habit of saving among rural Men / Women.

3. Insurance

The poor are inclined to crises such as death in the family, natural disaster, crime, fire, or illren that can ruin a person’s business and the family. Hence it is critical that the poor are provided with financial safety nets to protect then from unforeseeable risks.

4. Training

Micro businesses are constrained by non-financial resources, such as lack of education, inadequate Infrastructure, poor technical skills, low access to markets and lack of information, despite access to capital. GTPF conducts on going training to potential members on business development for improving. Their productivity and over coming circumstances to get increased profitability.

GTPF conducts on going training to its clients financial concepts such as

Financial Planning
Financial Management

GTPF is launching a programme in three years during the next three years (2009 – 2011). They are:

Technology devolution for enhancement of quality of life through utilization of solar energy.
Improvement of Child Health through hygiene and health care.
Creating awareness on health and environmental disorders.


GTPF Train low-income men and women living in rural villages of AP and Tamilnadu to conduct vision screenings, provide affordable reading  glasses and refer those who require advanced ‘EYE CARE’ to “ARVIN EYE CARE CENTRE”, No. 9, Station Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600 024.
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