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GTPF (Global Tamil Telugu People Foundation) a registered non-political, non-profit, social service organization working on HIV Aids initiative since 2004.

So far GTPF produced a Dance drama on HIV Aids.

So for GTPF produced a Dance Drama on FIRE ACCIDENT AWARNESS and showing to the school children, for helping their behaviour in case any such thing happens.

News & Events


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The GTPF a non-political and a non-profit organisation was started as early as on 26-11-2004, with the only objective of serving fellow human being through creation of proper awareness among them so as to give them proper empowerment and to make them self-reliant. Even though we have named the organisation as Tamil / Telugu people foundation, the organisation is not restricted to people speaking the above language and it belongs to every Indian around the globe who has a mindset to devote time and help the fellow Indian so that every one in this society lives in Harmony, peace and prosperity. To join this organisation there is no payment of any money or subscription.

We at GTPF strongly believe that in the present scenario of world transformation into Economic Liberalisation and reforms which inturn is likely to spread different cultures among our children. Voluntary organisations like ours have a greater role in taking up the welfare activities, for the upliftment of the down trodden , developmentally delayed and the handicapped and so on. GTPF all along has involved itself in the creation of AIDS Awareness, developing the abilities of physical and mental children so that they earn a better status in society.

1. Produced a Dance Drama on HIV / AIDS

2. Developed Exclusive Playback song on HIV / AIDS Awareness

3. Creating awareness to Rural School Children and Village people in and around Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh

4. Focus on Developmentally delayed children. Presentation of Awards & Rewards to special teachers who contributed might to physically, mentally handicapped children

5. Plan to open a school for developmentally delayed children at Tirupathi namely Smt. Venkata Subbamma School for Special Children.

6. Rural Development Programmes - Eye Camps, Medical Camps, Dental Camps, Lecture and Seminars on Rural Development.

7. GTPF - Product based Micro Finance.



The Global Tamill Telugu People Foundation hoisted a large banner over traffic from 26th November until 5th December to raise awareness on AIDS. The banner, entitled " A call for leadership" targeted young people and emphasised safe sex and condom use.

Global Tamill Telugu People Foundation hoisted a huge billboard in Chennai for World AIDS Day
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