Traditional Wedding Costume in Southeast Asia [News]4/23/2013 10:22:33 AM
´╗┐Traditional Wedding Costume in Southeast Asia A simple wedding dress doesn't contain many details and most of the modern style wedding dress today applying this concept in their design. The color and style for a simple wedding dress must meet the basic requirement of elegant, presentable and feminine. Some wedding dresses design nowadays still constitutes religion and culture of the wedding participants. However here I would like to share with you seven traditional wedding dresses in the world. Malay "Baju Kurung" Unlike other ">simple beach wedding dresses, "Baju Kurung" is the traditional Malay costume worn by Malay bride during their wedding ceremony. This simple wedding dress did required specific skills for sewing but it is not complicated as kimono and "Hanfu". This dress is widely worn by women in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia. However, beside "Baju Kurung", other famous traditional costumes like "Kebaya" also worn by some Malay women on their wedding occasions. The baju kurung wedding gown has been sewing by a special fabric called "songket" which containing lots gold and silver string within. Many of the young designers has combined the fashion styles and concept for these two dresses and produced another type of costume called "kebarung". Same to Kimono and "Hanfu", these simple wedding dresses are not convenient for movement. Indian "Lehnga" "Lehnga" is a kind of skirt worn generally in combination with Odhani tucked into it at the waist. "Lehnga" used as wedding dresses in some locations in India but not applicable for all. However, some Indian bride still prefers to wear "Sari" as their wedding costume comparing to "Lehnga". If "Lehnga" considered as simple wedding dresses then what I would like to emphasis is "Sari" is much more complicated. These elegant simple wedding dresses have created lots of convenient for bride's movement during the day of their wedding ceremony. "Lehnga" basically derived from the meaning of Sanskrit and standing for the limbs, waist and "anga". Vietnamese "Ao dai" The "Aodai" is a national costume worn by Vietnamese women on important occasions. This dress looks elegant, straight, simple and presentable. Besides it also consider one of the cheap ">simple wedding dresses in the world, cheap not in terms of the quality but cheap in the prices. This beautiful elegant dress has been justified as the traditional wedding dresses in Vietnam. Vietnamese bride would need to wear it during their wedding ceremony. However, the style worn today for "Aodai" is modernization of the "ao ngu than" and inspired by Manchu in the 19th century. "Ao dai's" are classic examples for simple wedding dresses as it is only constitute a tight fitting silk tunic fabric fashion style. They are also equivalent garment for Vietnam man as their wedding gown called "ao gam".